Meet Jason

Jackson County my entire life

I have lived in Jackson County my entire life. Until I was about eight years old, I lived off 57th Street on Palmer Avenue in Kansas City. 

My grandfather purchased the land on Palmer Avenue, which at the time was nothing but woods. In June of 1992, my family moved to Independence.

When I am not working, you might find me throwing gutter balls at a local bowling alley, walking around the neighborhood, feeding a stray cat, or researching genealogy. I’ve been a member of the Jackson County Historical Society for several years.

Rooftop from Main Street.
Independence Uptown Market

My start with the county

My county adventure began on March 12, 2005. I walked into the Jackson County Assessment building located at 321 West Lexington Avenue for my first day as a temp.

My supervisor could tell the passion I had was not that of the average temp. She did her best to keep me as part of the office, and her efforts worked. On July 11, 2005, I was offered a full-time position in the office as a research analyst.

I came to the county without political connections and showed what I could do through my work alone, which I feel is the way it should be.

Fixing a Broken Tax & Assessment System

I walked into a broken vehicle tax system. Information was often incorrect. Taxpayer bills were all over the place, generating many complaints. The assessor of Jackson County had recently come under fire.

I was able to generate the consistency and accuracy that was needed and reached by no one at that position prior. I learned the system from the inside out and later addressed issues previously ignored because “that’s just how the government works.” With so much success with improvements and a system working so efficiently, my responsibilities were expanded into assessments in real estate, business, and even leasing. There are few, if any areas of assessment I have not seen or dealt with directly.

As a research analyst, I would oversee the county’s personal property tax system for the next 12 years. I knew it represented a good chunk of revenue for Jackson County and affected everyone to a personal level.

Rooftop of Truman Courthouse
Truman Courthouse

More work to be done

I care about the people of Jackson County. We deserve to live somewhere we can be proud of. We deserve a county government we have faith in. That’s why I’m doing what only a small fraction of a percent of those ever do – declare candidacy for County Executive. I have a strong desire to make what seems impossible a reality for the citizens of Jackson County.

Politically, I try not to break down everything into the all or nothing approach that we see so much today. I evaluate each situation for what it is. I am hands-on, personal, motivated, and efficient. It bothers me personally when things don’t work.

I feel that’s why I was successful at Jackson County. I often had a first-hand view of what was not working and had a strong desire to fix it. It was always more than just a job to me.