“It’s Government”

How often have we heard that excuse for ridiculous policies, methods that do not work, and distrust for those who are supposed to be working for us? Are you happy with the leadership from Jackson County that we’ve had over the years? When you obtain service from the county, are you happy with it? What could improve? Do you trust the county? Do you feel everything is functioning as it should be?

Congrats Theresa!

August 8, 2022: I can’t thank everyone enough for their support. I definitely didn’t have a typical campaign. Even more so than my agenda, I stressed my word and how important it was that we restore trust between the county government and the citizens of the county. I’m very happy for Theresa Galvin and I’m extremely excited for the changes she wants to bring to the county. As a former employee of the county, I feel like this is the first time the light at the end of the tunnel is working. The November election is so important to making these changes come true. I fully support Theresa and the donation button now goes for her campaign. Thank you to everyone again for this experience. Now you can help make history in November!

April 6, 2022: I’ve started a podcast! Ask questions and get to know me personally! Check it out here!

I would like to establish trust between the county leaders and the public. Decisions should not always be made behind closed doors. The citizens should be able to trust and develop a following with their county administration. We are in this together. That is the first thing I would like to establish and make very clear.

You could say I gained my interest through my county work itself. Seeing what goes on through day to day operations – what needs to change, what should change, and what can be done better. It seemed often the reasons things weren’t as good as they could be came down to politics. I thought to myself: “What if one day we get someone in here that actually tries to do things right? What if one day we get someone in here that’s present, wants to learn the processes, and make them better? What if one day we had someone who knew what employees did a good job and which ones didn’t?”

I’ll say while those thoughts were intriguing, it never seemed possible. Until one day, I decided I wanted to be that person.

My answers to your questions are going to be truthful because that’s how I manage to sleep at night and look at myself in the mirror. My answers are not going to be a ploy to make people happy. What you see is what you get, and I can promise that. I feel strongly about doing things right and I do not feel every decision comes down to a democratic or republican point of view. I value everyone’s opinion with an open mind and always look forward to feedback.